Zek Bug Reports


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[1] Rhosgobel:The song:Amplification doesn't \

[2] Reaperxx:Enchanter pets only attack when you take melee damage. Dispells will n

[3] Wall Pathing issues (NPCs in aggro or returning to guard spot)

[4] Feature Request: guards save items on server reboot

[5] Womp:Most mobs in Pinnacle Cave can crit/cripple blow

[6] Toolkins:Are warriors not set up to crit in pvp? I have fought a few people and

[7] Deadaim:YOu cannot dispell Buffs on guards, namely DS which eats up DW classes

[8] Clehra:Would it be possible to add Erudites to the Regent Symbol of Innoruuk.

[9] Clehra:I am trying to do a quest and the item is Skinned Halfling Face Mask.


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