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[1] PVP : Snare and other dertrimental issue after zoning.

[2] Wall/underworld pathing

[3] Client Window Randomly Closes

[4] Zoning and dying to DoTs does not grant YT or a PvP Kill

[5] Rystar:I am unable to slam while in Illusion Skeleton from the AoN clickie.

[6] [db][fixed] Quest: Bertoxxulous Initiate

[7] Zrip:Circle of Wakening Lands doesn't seem to be dropping. Killed about 50

[8] Fandril:Drogba seam to be bugged , mobs hit like truck and the goblin traitor

[9] Pale:Bouncer Bogglebin in Rivervale is randomly attacking halfings (all peo


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