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[1] Wall Pathing issues (NPCs in aggro or returning to guard spot)

[2] Feature Request: guards save items on server reboot

[3] PVP : Snare and other dertrimental issue after zoning.

[4] Zoning and dying to DoTs does not grant YT or a PvP Kill

[5] Bandrazs:Casting Ancient: Lullaby of Shadows prevents bards from casting anothe

[6] Mithaniel:Deputy Higrin and Deputy Goltin at rivervale entrance see invis.

[7] [WAI]:Felwithe guards 100% magic resistant. No spells or procs land

[8] [WAI]:Is the Petrified Werewolf Skull dropping? I've been camping this for a

[9] [Fixed]:i turned in uphealvel to brinaa darkpact in OT and she didnt give me a


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