Zek Bug Reports


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[1] Wall Pathing issues (NPCs in aggro or returning to guard spot)

[2] Feature Request: guards save items on server reboot

[3] Spilla:DoT damage update The feign deaths could either be from the amount of

[4] Spilla:Just found a bug regarding infamy/bounty and taking camps. I owned G

[5] Beethoven:Something is wrong with Wushni spell where it is giving insane hp/mp r

[6] Hate:Pet weps/ armor bugged and poofing =/

[7] Amumu:The new epic 2.0 is not procing Yualp VII or Ethereal elixir. please h

[8] Trilla:My Legendary Blade of the Tempest was augmented with the Radiant Perma

[9] Conor:Can you make Axe of Resistance slot 10 please dev?


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