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[1] Spilla:Damage over time spells are bursting inaccurately in damage and making

[2] Wall Pathing issues (NPCs in aggro or returning to guard spot)

[3] Ratatamon:Frosty Marble of Merlinn requires a Class III Distiller which is not i

[4] Sanitarium:Windstriker proc not stunning PC targets via pvp. I tested this with

[5] Hotpursuit:Suggestion: Make spell haste cap only effect detrimental spells.

[6] Hotpursuit:Suggestion: Camp/city guards would spawn with basic spells ater giving

[7] Wombini:any way to make Staff of the Serpent ench epic 1.0 clickable from inve

[8] Trilla:After getting the Necro 2.0 epic, my pet window is dissapearing random

[9] Genkai:Rogue Epic 2.0 is backstabbing just as hard as rogue epic 1.0, the foc


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