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[1] Wall Pathing issues (NPCs in aggro or returning to guard spot)

[2] Feature Request: guards save items on server reboot

[3] PVP : Snare and other dertrimental issue after zoning.

[4] Zoning and dying to DoTs does not grant YT or a PvP Kill

[5] Twangin:Spent a lot of time in KC and have never seen the scryer, is he implem

[6] Olscratch:halas banker attacks skelly form

[7] Dream:bug: you can channel through stuns you should not be able to channel

[8] Rickyspanish:Igniir Heslum in thurgB doesn't heal/buff other people even though he

[9] Rickyspanish:Icewell Keep sentries (and the others of the same nature like icewell


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