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Please note comments made below from in-game chat are NOT endorsed by eqpvp.com
CharacterTime (PST)(Channel) Message
Olscratch2017-06-25 22:34:00 wtt [Tranquil Staff] for boots of the storm
Olscratch2017-06-24 21:39:09 wtb boots of the storm
Beauregard2017-06-23 18:00:35 wtb boots of the storm
Olscratch2017-06-23 10:15:45 wts [Spell: Quivering Veil of Xarn]
Olscratch2017-06-22 18:21:59 wtb dawnfire, boots of the storm
Olscratch2017-06-15 13:55:39 wtb boots of the storm
Trilla2017-06-11 18:05:00 WTS [Windstriker] | [Shield of Rainbow Hues] | [Eye of Innoruuk] | [Golden Efreeti Boots] | [Tolapumj's Robe] | [Hand of the Reaper]
Olscratch2017-06-10 22:35:46 wtb dawnfire
Olscratch2017-06-08 00:49:40 wtb dawnfire
Good2017-06-07 11:49:42 wtb dawnfire morning star of light
Olscratch2017-06-04 20:26:03 mostly bard
Olscratch2017-06-04 20:25:56 wtb all the epics
cabbage2017-06-04 19:11:38 WTS lvl 1 wizard will one shot some day soon
Olscratch2017-06-02 16:10:12 wtb bard wiz mag ench clr epics
Olscratch2017-06-02 01:28:54 wtb bard war wiz mach ench epics
Olscratch2017-06-02 01:01:22 wtb bard war wiz mach ench epics
Olscratch2017-06-01 15:53:59 wtb bard ench epics
Olscratch2017-05-31 11:17:38 wtb bard ench epics
Pepe2017-05-30 10:32:59 wtb ench bard wiz epic
Olscratch2017-05-29 17:36:09 wtb bard wiz epic
Olscratch2017-05-29 01:24:38 wtb bard wiz epic
Olscratch2017-05-28 14:08:04 wtb bard chanter epic
Olscratch2017-05-28 00:04:55 wtb bard epi
Olscratch2017-05-27 11:06:52 wtb bard epic
Vvindow2017-05-26 20:27:17 dam make me add another filter to my chat box
Azathoth2017-05-26 20:26:57 gonna start using the auction channel
Pepe2017-05-26 12:26:03 wtb bard epic
Pepe2017-05-26 10:08:53 wtb bard welfare epic
Good2017-05-23 11:36:49 wts [Pearl Kedge Totem],[Flowing Black Silk Sash]
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